Mission & Guiding Principles

Mission Statement

TI-JCC is an egalitarian Conservative congregation that offers multiple pathways into the Jewish experience, as well as a variety of cultural, social and educational programs, for those who wish to participate in an evolving and vibrant Jewish community in Northern New Jersey. Our Mission & Guiding Principles captures how we view and approach the world.

We are a community that warmly welcomes everyone to join us: embracing families, singles and couples, young and old, accepting all levels of observance, previous affiliation, interfaith relationships, as well as varied family structure and sexual orientation. We cherish our diversity and our resolve to serve our community by being open to new ideas and approaches within Conservative egalitarian practice.

We believe in empowering our membership: where members give and serve according to their interests and talents and take collective responsibility for organizing ritual, social, and business activities of the synagogue. Throughout our history, we have strived to create a rewarding and welcoming environment to meet our personal, familial, and community needs.

Principles to Guide Us


We are committed individually and communally to life-long involvement in Jewish learning as a sacred endeavor, prioritizing our children’s needs through professionally staffed strategies, including Hebrew school, youth groups, family services, and child centered programs. We reach out to all age groups through the study of Jewish texts and ideas, both traditional and modern.

Avodah (Jewish Worship)

We recognize our commitment to Jewish worship as a life-long spiritual practice where individuals find meaning, purpose, and transformation within the context of Conservative Judaism. Our goal is to make the synagogue accessible and comfortable to people who have varying degrees of familiarity with traditional prayer. We believe in upholding community as a sacred value, where each individual strives to honor and support the religious, spiritual, and shared practices of our community. All are invited to participate in leading services, reading Torah, learning, and reaching out to others within our congregation to become a connected, sacred community.

Gemilut Hasadim (Acts of Loving-kindness)

We strive to build a culture of nurturing and healing through acts of loving-kindness. We seek to find within our Jewish practice the inspiration to take actions to improve the world (tikkun olam), joining together to further the Jewish vision of justice, holiness, and peace.