B’yachad (Hebrew for together) is a chavurah (fellowship) group that coordinates social events for the younger families, members, and prospective members of Temple Israel.


B'yachad is about families spending time as a community. This was a fun outdoor activity with bouncy inflatables, dolls, and more.

What kinds of things does B’yachad do?

Our activities are a mix of causal gatherings on the property of Temple Israel, family-friendly events, and adult nights out. Examples from past years include apple picking, holiday-themed arts and crafts, holiday parties, wine tasting, Shabbat dinners, and a good amount of drinking and dancing. We don’t have formal membership; we plan and announce events – if it sounds fun, show up!

Why B’yachad?

B’yachad provides regular social interaction among those of us who are well past writing our own college essays but haven’t started to worry about writing them for our kids. By getting together for purely social events, we move beyond just recognizing faces at Tot Shabbat, Hebrew school drop off and pick up, or the High Holy Days. We build relationships with people who we’re eager to catch up with at oneg and kiddush. We extend the sense of a young, vibrant Jewish community beyond the synagogue building and form quick connections with newcomers to welcome them into the Temple Israel family.

Am I one of you?

Families who are members of Temple Israel in New Jersey are enjoying time B'yachad at a bowling activities

We are singles and couples both with and without kids of various ages. If you thought Ferris Bueller was cool, or ever watched the same John Hughes movie more than once, you’re one of us. If you’ve ever received a “children of the 80s” email, you’re one of us. If you’re somewhere between just barely remembering the eruption of Mount St. Helens and just barely remembering a time before the web, you’re one of us. If you were born after 1970, and your parents didn’t drive you here, you’re one of us. (And don’t worry — you’re not disqualified just because you’ve celebrated a couple of anniversaries of your thirty-ninth birthday.)

I’m not a member of Temple Israel. Can I join you?

Of course! We’re here to build community and have a good time. While we hope the fun we have together will entice you to join our synagogue, everyone is welcome at B’yachad events regardless of shul membership status. (A taste for vodka isn’t required, but it doesn’t hurt!)

How can I find out about the next event?

To get complete details on events, join our email list. Just send an email to the B’yachad coordinator to ask questions, or to sign up for our mailing list. You’ll get times and logistics a week or two before each event.