Israel Action

Temple Israel values our ”family” and cherishes our connection with Israel. We look for opportunities to promote and enhance our commitment to Israel through social events, education, engagement and travel.

Temple Israel member with a Israel sign at the Rally for Israel in Washington DC

Yom HaAtzmaut

Every year we hold a barbeque and celebrate Israel Independence Day at Temple Israel. This is one of our many ways to demonstrate our support for Israel as a community.

Adult Education

Our Adult Education classes have focused on Israel politics and history over the years. In addition, we have hosted Israeli speakers on a host of cultural and historical topics.

Congregational Travel to Israel

Every few years Rabbi Fine conducts a tour to Israel for congregants and others interested in a one of a kind experience in Israel, with opportunities for b’nei mitzvah, insight into Conservative Judaism and interacting with soldiers and other influencers.

Teen Travel

Endowment funds can be provided to teens who are traveling to Israel.


Temple Israel actively supports Mercaz, the Conservative Movement at the World Zionist Organization, to ensure the Conservative movements and its unique position within Judaism is heard and supported in the US, Israel and globally.

Ask the Rabbi

Our Friday night services features “Ask the Rabbi”, a Q&A session which often addresses current events as well as policy and strategy topics confronting Israel.

American-Israel Cultural Foundation

Every year, we sponsor and host an American-Israel Cultural Foundation concert given by talented young Israeli musicians, many of whom are Carnegie Hall worthy.

Zahal Shalom Support

Zahal Shalom of Bergen County is dedicated to healing and lifting the spirits of disabled Israeli Defense Force veterans. Each Spring, volunteers host a cadre of wounded soldiers for two weeks in their homes, providing a program of cultural, educational, and social events designed to enrich the lives of the veterans, promote a sense of new opportunities, and foster a bond of love and support.

Israel Bonds

Like many Conservative congregations we support our members who want the tradition of supporting Israel through Israeli bonds.