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Temple Israel & JCC

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Temple Israel & JCC

Member Sign-In Changes


May 14, 2020    
12:00 am

Dear Members,

Please be aware that there have been some navigational changes to the website, synagogue.org  Most important, the member sign in is now posted to, part of the home page.  It is found in the top right corner of the page, in the black strip next to “Contact Us”.

For convenience, the member login is still available at it’s original location – About Us / Members.

Also, there is a new membership tab for potential members.  It is last tab on the homepage’s main menu & contains new membership applications (hard copy & online) and membership materials.

*Don’t forget to like and share the website pages.  TI & RCBI’s social presences is important – what kind of impression are we making?  “Clicks” for liking or sharing pages is a positive social cue that actually conveys emotion, a connectedness.  In short, taking the time to verify your purposeful interaction does double duty and while It’s a bit abstract, presence is key indeed to online usage and appeal.

Let us see, can one of our pages reach 100 Facebook ‘likes’, ‘tweets’, etc…?   Are we digitally lit?

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