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Temple Israel & JCC

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Temple Israel & JCC

Did you miss the last Alternate Jewish History Lecture?

Did you miss the last Alternate Jewish History Lecture?


May 17, 2021    
All Day

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Have you been enjoying the Rabbi’s lectures?  Next topic is 
    • “What if Yitzhak Rabin Was Not Assassinated in 1995?” May 24

 8:00 pm.     Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83389875505


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First. What if the temple had not been destroyed? The year 70.

Second. Late antiquity. What if the Emperor Julian had not been killed? Christian emperors short reign. Judea. Late fourth century emperor.

Third. Eight Century. What if the Abbasids of Bagdad not have defeated the Umayyads of Damascus? Abbasids Move the capitol to Bagdad. Why move the capitol east? Abbasid califate. What about all of the rest of Africa? 

Fourth.  What if Germany Won WWI?”

Fifth.  “What if Prince German did not Die in 1918?”

Sixth.  “What if the Holocaust did not happen?”

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