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Temple Israel & JCC

Temple Israel & JCC

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Temple Israel & JCC

Coffee with the Rabbi

Coffee with the Rabbi


January 18, 2023    
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Coffee with Rabbi Fine aka Temple Talk, aka Cawfee Tawk, aka The Lunch Club, aka The upshot

Zoom link  Wednesday meeting – check the weekly Friday email

September 14th – A broad discussion of topics:  Ritual, plastic bag ban, places where Yiddish is still spoken, The Bergen County Sheriff’s Office & the Rabbi’s work as chaplain, Rosh Hashanah planning, Queen Elizabeth, updates on other members, Hasidism & such things.  Those are the headlines for now.  Shavua Tov.

June 15th schmooze:  A new baby is born!  Grandma, Grandpa checked for 10 little fingers & 10 little toes; Mazel Tov!  I shall not list names in these synopsis, I regretted doing so in the previous post, simply bad form.  Oh, this is Stacey, allow me the opportunity, “these posts are my own & in no way reflect anyone’s opinion but my own.”  I have been meaning to include that.  I joined the call 10 minutes in …. Here’s what I heard.  Coffee, coffee beans, technique, coffee ice cubes, coffee pots, classically designed coffee pots, automation v manual coffee making, grinding.  There was an absence of irony in the momment.  I see it now.  (Moment has controversial spellings.)  Then my phone went dead.  Turns out, it auto-shut down due to temperature.  I called from my parked car.  Anyway…
I do this to briefly rehash our convivial conversations and also, to let you know that we usually have a few good laughs.    

Last March meeting – Well, I was happy to see Annemarie – was she a first-timer?  The news there; she’s leadership de Tikkun Olam.  Oh, and a personal friend indeed.  She got skills.  A good afternoon COFFEE for the rest of us!  Hey Helen!  Turn on a light!  Finally saw Helen at shul.  Yay!  Could you be next?  Bob, Millman, The Weissmans and by extension their families-we are always happy for the exclusives when it comes to hosting Passover, Rabbi’s health update, dressing norms for shul,  men in ties, travelling to Baltimore & there you have it, not enough?  Join us next time.  

February overdue Topics: Google. China, Trump updates, being 19 weeks in TX-what to do,  Supreme Court of United States, Inflation; lt’s better than recession or deflation.  Now, pause for a second.  Where is Jo?  <<<—-We discussed none of the aforementioned topics.  But we did talk – Did you ever find the fish?  Issues.

Past Topics:  The Mets, Parties, Olympics, High Holy day madness, Israeli political review, life, fave books, Apps, vacations, “verklempt-ness”,  relatives, a lot of “How do I”…and temple friends make a great resource, simchas, NJ Politics, Tri-state, county to county, politics, politics. European voting, how are the kids:the kids are alright, Beit din, bridges, error-free voting, chickens, NYC, Torah, the 1920’s, you name it!
antisemitism, November 3rd, Supreme Court (again), lighting the menorah; right to left, old to new, window and no window instruction perspective, public menorah lighting in Fair Lawn and Ridgewood.  Traffic-Oy!  This, that and many other things.

Future Topics:  Abortion, The Mets, Parties, Olympics, High Holy day madness, Israeli political review, fave books, vacations, “verklempt-ness”,  relatives, classics, brisket vs pot roast, simchas, short term & long term ambitions, NYC, Torah, Reconstruction of the South post-civil war,  original Cawfee Tawk & is it funny, men’s facial hair, etc.  Bring your curiosity & join us. 

Hey, look! These things come up.

If you have any  questions, please email  Jo Rosen, Co-chair, Membership, Temple Israel


FYI: Rabbi’s Fall ’21 class

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