Blessings-At-Home; suggestions to enhance your Friday night Shabbat

Dear Friends,  

Whether you are joining us virtually from home or in person, we are all participants in the Temple Israel community and co-creators of the Shabbat prayer experience. 

Recognizing the diversity of practice in the TI community, we seek to create a Shabbat experience that is meaningful, inclusive, and respectful of traditional Jewish observance.  To that end, we created a webpage that offers videos of the four basic Shabbat prayers.  The recitations are done by our own congregants.  Along with the videos the prayers are represented in Hebrew, English and transliteration.

This webpage is located at Spiritual Life/Temple Israel/Ritual Practices.  Or, click here.

Please reach out to us and / or Rabbi Fine if you have any questions, or if we can be helpful to you in creating a meaningful Shabbat experience at home.