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Temple Israel's Youth Groups

TI offers three youth groups.  The first, El AL is for 4th and 5th graders.  Under the leadership and guidance, of our youth advisor, Rabbi Sharon Litwin, this groups participates in both social, recreational, and community service activities, such as feeding the homeless, cleaning our own neighborhood’s Ho-Ho-Kus Brook, Celebrating Hanukkah at our annual Hanukkah party, Ice Skating, and participating in a Chocolate Seder. El Al meets once each month.  We also have a yearly Shabbaton overnight at the synagogue.

The second group, Kadima, serves our youth in 6th-8th grade.  They participate in activities on both the local and regional level.  This group is under the leadership and guidance of Felicia Hillman   Kadima members gather monthly in our youth lounge to hang out, play foosball, watch movies, do homework and schmooze.  We also participate in activities such as Laser Tag, Nets Game, Apple Picking, Cooking to donate to the homeless, and an annual Pool Party.  Kadima meets 1-2 times each month, in addition to monthly lounge nights and our yearly Lock-in and Shabbaton.

Our third group, USY, serves our high school students.  They also participate in activities in our chapter, as well as at regional (Hagalil, New Jersey regional USY) events.  This group is peer led, with an active board of high school leaders, who are advised by Heather Wombough. The USY board plans and runs events that are both social and social action oriented.  They have run programs such as a Mall Crawl, Cosmic Bowling, Iron Chef and Casino Night Fundraiser.  USY also meets monthly in our Youth Lounge to hang out, in a similar fashion to our Kadima program.  USY members also do community service to the synagogue by helping with our Purim Carnival, Youth Shabbat, and lending an extra hand at our El Al and Kadima events when needed.

Temple Israel Youth Committee

The TI Youth Committee meets to discuss issues pertaining to the youth of our synagogue.  Dan Unger chairs the committee. We help to brainstorm new programming for each group, offer direction to the advisors, and advocate to the general synagogue community on behalf of our young members.

How to Join

Temple Israel’s youth groups are open to any Jewish youth and are not exclusive to Temple Israel members.  If you would like more information about any of the youth programs or groups, please contact Temple Israel at 201 444 9320 or Dan Unger at dan.unger@hotmail.com.
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