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It all began with us! Brandeis Men’s Club takes pride in its status as the original address for Jewish life in Ridgewood. It was the spirit and determination of a group of Jewish business owners in the village that was responsible for the creation of the Men’s Club in 1940-41. Another dozen years would go by before the Jewish Community Center of Ridgewood was established in the congregation’s first home on Oak Street and another decade until the temple moved to its current Grove Street location. 

Nonetheless, although Brandeis Men’s Club pre-dates Temple Israel itself, we always strive to remain relevant to Jewish men. With our crowded calendar of events and programs throughout the year, we engage BMC members spiritually, socially and culturally in our synagogue community. A number of BMC activities are organized in collaboration with other committees and groups within the congregation, such as Sisterhood or Tikkun Olam, while others are designed as “men’s exclusives” to help men carve out time in their busy lives for meaning and male camaraderie. 

Moreover, as one of 260 Men’s Clubs operating under the umbrella of the Conservative movement’s Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs, BMC connects its members to the broader Jewish world. 

Among the highlights of our annual programs are:

• Fall Welcome/Tailgate Party
• “Hearing Men’s Voices,” discussion group, facilitated by Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs
• Annual World Wide Wrap, FJMC national program in t’fillah education  
• Men’s Club Shabbat and Man-of-the-Year Breakfast 
• Men’s Softball Team—participates in Ridgewood’s Church League
• Winter Ski Outing
• Spring Golf Outing

In addition, BMC sponsors many programs at Temple Israel to enhance our holiday and festival observances and to create greater ruach, spirit, in our congregation, for example: High Holy Days ushering; dreydl-spinning contest at our children’s Hanukkah party and Sukkah-raising.  And we’re always open to new ideas. Please join us at our coming events…you will be glad you did!

First-year BMC membership for new members of Temple Israel is free. Annual dues thereafter are a bargain at $36.


New Team and Old Team

Alex Rothschild, Joe Landau, David Millman, Joe Wechsler, Bob Dworkin, Jeff Whittaker


Man of the Year (MOY) and Youth of the Year 2015-16


Alex Rothschild     and    Mollie Bakal


Cemetery Cleanup 2015


Man of the Year and Youth of the Year 2014-15

Manny Haber and Jerry Vogel

Howard Schreiber congratulating Manny Haber;      Shari, Manny and Carly Haber;     

Dennis, Jerry and Carla Vogel

2014 Softball season : Contact Joe Wechsler for more info....  j_devil@yahoo.com

8/17 Playoff/ Championship

Winning Team   


The Brandeis Men's Club works with Nechama to help Hurricane Sandy victims

Click HERE for details.





           Howard Schreiber

2015 Northern New Jersey Regional Mens Club Man of the Year

and 2013 Temple Israel Man of the Year


 A Short Bio - Howard Schreiber

I have been a resident of the greater Ridgewood area my entire life, and currently reside in Ramsey.  My earliest recollection of Temple Israel is going to a Purim Carnival in the basement of our shul, a house on Oak Street in Ridgewood.  I recall many of the founding members of our shul being there and everyone having a fun time.  Perhaps the most important memory for me of that time was going with my Dad, and the other men of the shul, I assume Brandeis Men’s Club members!, to our present location on Grove Street, to clear the lot of trees and other debris to make way for our new shul.  This was in 1959 or so.  What impressed me was so many men helping out, and enjoying the task at hand.

Since my family has been a member of Temple Israel since the mid 1950’s, it has always been part of my life.  Of course I became a Bar Mitzvah there, and my sister a Bat Mitzvah.  Both my sister, Marcia, and I were active in USY and are still personally friendly with a number of our long time temple friends to this day.  Our family’s social life was always built around our shul, and our parents were completely engaged with every aspect of the Temple Israel, which taught us about community, and responsibility.

I am very happily married to my wife Tricia, who also happens to be a terrific Mom of our two kids, Emily (16) and Evan (14), and a great Daughter in-law.  We enjoy vacationing together as a family, especially Disney World and Universal, where we enjoy the scariest of rides, while Tricia is happy reading and watching us enjoy them.  Emily, Evan, and I are very proud of Tricia’s upcoming Bat Mitzvah on November 9th.  All four of us, will have had our Bar/Bat Mitzvah at Temple Israel!

I have been involved with the Ramsey Soccer Association as coach and Sponsorship Coordinator, for many years, have served on the Board of Directors and as Chairman of The Association of Food Industries an international organization of food importers and exporters.  I am currently the President of our local Bergen Highlands Ramsey Rotary Club, and the immediate past President of Temple Israel’s Brandeis Men’s Club.  I have been involved with the FJMC Yellow Candle Program for a number of years.  I have served on our Temple Board in various capacities.  I am currently President of Schreiber Foods International, Inc., a business founded by my Dad, Norman, and me.  Perhaps, the greatest pleasure I have in being our Man of the Year this year is in following in my Dad’s footsteps, who was similarly honored in 1972 as our 3rd MOY!  We were both glad to give back to our community.



Passing the Hat


Passing the Hat at Annual Man-of-the-Year Breakfast: Freddie Kotek and Howard Schreiber


Howard Schreiber, immediate BMC past president and 2014 Man-of-the-Year, poses with his family: wife, Tricia, and children, Emily and Evan


Memory Lane 

Freddie Kotek - 2012 Man of the Year



Bob Obeiter - 2011 Man of the Year          Denis Vogel - 2010 Man of the Year                     Bob Smolen - 2009 Man of the Year




Left to right: Robert Rohrberger, David Millman, Eric Klein -- all prior presidents of the Brandeis Mens Club


Brandeis Men's Club members building the Sukkah




Fun Slide at the Brandeis Men's Club BBQ





Enjoying good conversation and music at the BBQ








Passing the Hat at Annual Man of Year Breakfast


Freddie Kotek and Howard Schreiber     *************** Howard Schreiber, immediate BMC past president and 2014 Man-of-the-Year, 

                                                                     poses with his family: wife, Tricia, and children, Emily and Evan

•   SundayFebruary 7, 2016 9:30 AMWorld Wide Wrap Sunday Minyan
•   SundayFebruary 21, 2016 10:30 AMHeart Health Breakfast
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