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The Northern New Jersey Jewish Academy (NNJJA)(Link to NNJJA pages) is a consortium Religious School with five area congregations currently participating: Temple Israel in Ridgewood, Temple Beth Sholom in Fair Lawn, Congregation Beth Sholom in Teaneck, Kol HaNeshama in Englewood, and Temple Emmanuel of North Jersey in Franklin Lakes. Classes are held at Temple Israel, however, special events, such as the Purim Carnival and Hanukkah party, rotate among the participating congregations. NNJJA provides formal Jewish education for children ages three through thirteen and is affiliated with both the Bergen County High School of Jewish Studies and Prozdor – the supplemental high school of the Jewish Theological Seminary. The course of study offered through NNJJA provides our students with academic and experiential knowledge of Jewish tradition, culture, prayer, history and Torah.

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Pre-Kindergarten - Second Grades

The free pre-school program for children ages four to six meets monthly for two-hour sessions over the course of the year. It is open to the children of both members and non-members. The Sunday program for Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade is also open to members' and non-members' children and meets for two hours on Sunday mornings. Learning at this stage is achieved through age-appropriate stories, songs and craft projects.

Kitah Alef-Kitah Hey (Third-Seventh Grades)

The five-year Religious School program (3rd-through-7th grades) is open exclusively to children whose families are affiliated with one of the consortium congregations. 

Students attend twice a week for a total of five hours weekly. Kitah Aleph, 3rd-grade, through Kitah Gimmel, 5th-grade, currently attend after public school on Wednesday afternoons and on Sunday mornings. Students in Kitah Dalet and Kitah Hey (6th-and 7th-graders) are on a Tuesday/Sunday schedule. The curriculum at this stage is rich in both frontal classroom instruction and hands-on, experiential workshops and special programming that lays a strong foundation in ritual skills, customs, culture, Bible study and Hebrew language. In addition, to earn their diplomas, our older students (Kitahs Dalet and Hey) must complete a supplemental community service project of their own choosing, which drives home the Jewish ethical and moral values of Tikkun Olam and Chesed, the responsibility we all have to one another and to the world at-large. 

Beyond what is required, NNJJA students in 4th through 7th grades may enhance their Jewish literacy in Torah Club. Every week, this group gathers with Cantor Bromberg to learn how to leyn Torah, well in advance of their bar or bat mitzvah year. 

For further information regarding NNJJA, please contact Rabbi Fine at (201) 444-9320 or 

NNJJA Information and forms:

Introductory letter from Rabbi Estelle Mills 

Dear  Current and Future NNJJA Parents:
        I am greatly looking forward to the beginning of the 2015-2016 NNJJA school year in which I hope to enrich NNJJA’s quality program with some innovations and new programming I have learned in my 25 plus years working as a Jewish educator.   I am carefully examining every aspect of the school looking for ways to improve the caliber of Jewish education NNJJA provides.   I am also in the process of improving my own skills having enrolled in an on-line class from Israel on enhancing the use of technology in the Jewish classroom.  I am excited by what I have already learned from this course and anticipate continuing to build my skills as a Jewish educator as this course progresses.  No matter how good something is, everything can be improved upon, and I have really taken this idea seriously as I began this summer by looking carefully at staffing, enrollment forms, and schedules.   As always, I welcome your input, ideas, and feedback.   The goal of NNJJA is to provide a quality Jewish education to the students and this is, I believe, a cooperative effort that involves the congregations and the families as well as the school. 
      I am excited to announce that registration for NNJJA for the current academic year 2015-2016 is now beginning.   The enrollment forms have been revised to allow less duplication when registering multiple children (my goal would be to have on-line registration by next year).   Only the form entitled “Student Information Sheet” needs to be filled out separately for each child.  On the other forms, one per family is fine.
          Schedules:  ALL STUDENTS IN ALL GRADES WILL BEGIN AT THE SAME TIME ON SUNDAYS AND ALL GRADES WILL ATTEND 9:30-12:30 ON SUNDAYS, EXCEPT FOR PRE-K WHICH WILL END AT 11:30AM  This year we are happy to once again  provide a pre-school program, consisting of nine two hour sessions during the year,  open to the children of members as well as non-members, ages 3-5. It is quite common, and most welcome, for children to attend our pre-school program for more than one year. Our Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd Grades are open to the children of both members and non-members alike.  Our Religious School (3rd through 7th grades, Aleph-Hey) is open only to those families affiliated with one of our consortium congregations.    Word of mouth is the best recruitment so I invite you to share information about our school with your friends and neighbors.   
Attached are registration forms (both as a word document if you wish to fill them out on-line and as a pdf.)  All forms are to be returned to Temple Israel, 475 Grove Street, Ridgewood, NJ 07450.   Tuition remains the same as last year and upon receiving your registration, your home congregation will be notified and they will take care of billing you for what is due. 
If you have any questions, please give me a call at 440 263-5571.  I look forward to an exciting and enriching year.
Rabbi Estelle Mills                                                                 
            Director of Education


 2015-16 NNJJA Enrollment Form



Teen Programs

One goal of Temple Israel’s youth education program is to whet the appetite for further learning. We strongly encourage NNJJA graduates to continue their formal Jewish educations at one of two excellent supplemental high school programs that admit students in eighth grade: the Bergen County High School for Jewish Studies in Hackensack ( and the Rebecca and Israel Ivry Prozdor School at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York ( Please visit their websites for complete information.


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