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One of the cornerstones of the Temple Israel Community is a passion for education and life-long learning. Whether it is holiday programming for pre-schoolers, teens preparing for b’nai mitzvah or adults studying the contours of Jewish life past and present, young and old are able to enrich their Jewish experience through formal and informal avenues of Jewish literacy. 

Adult Education


The Adult Education Committee works to create a dynamic program—one in keeping with our synagogue’s mission to provide educational opportunities that enhance knowledge of the Jewish People, Jewish traditions, customs and culture, as well as the wider contemporary Jewish world in ways interesting, enriching and meaningful.

Classes, lectures, discussions and other educational events, such as book signings, and film screenings, are taught and led by our professional staff. Among the most popular programs in recent years has been the Sunday Morning Lecture Series with Rabbi David J. Fine, PhD. With a doctorate in modern European history from City University of New York (CUNY), Rabbi Fine brings university-level depth to his engaging lectures in Jewish history. Lectures run an hour-and-a-half on Sunday mornings throughout the academic year. Dates and syllabus is outlined in the current year’s brochure: URL

In the past several years, with Rabbi Fine we’ve studied:
• German Jewish history, followed by a congregational tour of Germany
• History of the State of Israel, followed by a congregational trip to Israel
• History of Christianity and the interrelationship of Christian and Jewish faiths
• History of Jewish Life in Muslim Lands 

Another adult ed staple has been Tuesday Evening Talmud with Rabbi Fine. This lively, seminar-style informal text study draws an eclectic student mix—intergenerational and of varying backgrounds in formal Jewish education. Rabbi Fine generally ends class on a cliff-hanger, inspiring everyone to come back for more. Check the Temple calendar for changes and cancellations to the weekly schedule.  

Rabbi Fine also participates in a new program of Jewish communal education, ConnectJ, sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey. Check the Federation website for details about all classes and registration:  

Other classes, lectures and discussions at Temple Israel are taught by Cantor Caitlin Bromberg, as well as by expert guest speakers and scholars, some of whom are drawn from the ranks of the congregation. 

Past appearances by outside scholars and speakers have included Scholars-in-Residence Dr. Benjamin Gampel, Dina and Eli Field Family Chair in Jewish History at Jewish Theological Seminary and Dr. Seth Schwartz, Lucius N. Littauer Professor of Classical Jewish Civilization at Columbia University; and David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee.

Two endowments help underwrite adult education: the Adele Rebell Memorial Scholar-in-Residence Fund and the Max Aaron Strachman Memorial Author Talk. The Strachman Endowment Fund also benefits the Temple Library, which contains a wealth of knowledge in its shelves of reference works, non-fiction, fiction, children’s and recorded literature and films.

Most Adult Education programs are open to the community, free of charge. Be sure to check our Weekly Announcements and Temple Calendar for up-to-date information.

Lecture Archive (prior years)


To Listen to Rabbi Fines Lecture dated October 24, 2010 on German Jewish History, CLICK HERE

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To listen to Rabbi Fine's Lecture dated October 31, 2010 please CLICK HERE

To listen to Rabbi Fine's Lecture dated November 7, 2010 please CLICK HERE


To listen to Rabbi Fine's Lecture dated November 14, 2010 please CLICK HERE


To listen to Rabbi Fines Lecture dated November 21, 2010, please CLICK HERE


To listen to Rabbi Fine's Lecture dated December 5, 2010, please CLICK HERE


To listen to Rabbi Fine's Lecture dated December 12, 2010, please CLICK HERE


To listen to Rabbi Fine's Lecture dated December 19, 2010, please CLICK HERE

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To listen to Rabbi Fine's Lecture dated January 9, 2011, please Click Here


To listen to Rabbi Fine's Lecture dated January 23, 2011 (Weimar) CLICK HERE)


To listen to Rabbi Fine's Lecture data January 31, 2011 (Fall of Weimar) CLICK HERE


Penultimate Lecture, March 2011


Rabbi Fine's Final Lecture on German Jewish History_March 2011


For an updated (at 10/31)  list of the suggested reading, PLEASE CLICK HERE


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